Cyclomaniacs An insane game of cycling

sheet1If you have played Cyclomaniacs 1 wherein you are robotjam racing your cycle against the king of cycles the king himself Elvis, you will find Cylomaniacs 2 to be crazy weird. The game which has some sorry thematic story about the game developers wanting to take over the world cause they think they’re  William Henry Gates cause part one of their game made a few clicks.

So I entered the screen to try out part two of Cyclomaniacs to check the rubber that hits the tarmac. It seemed to be a confused mix of games with Elvis sitting in some kind of television show host or was it a talk show. Well there was a fish tank lying around so I clicked it and was taken to fish eat fish game. Yes the same old game where the small fish keeps eating the smallest fish to become bigger and bitter.


So what you’re trying to say is your going to eat all those smaller games and put them in one fish tank and confuse the hell out of the kids who play games? Nasty, they simply won’t play.

Anyways not wanting to dilute the story I searched the screen for the game about cycles and found it hanging on one corner and entered. The game seemed to be a bit revised from one but I still enjoy the clarity of part 1 better.

Game controls are the same with the Top arrow being for acceleration and the side arrows for flips , stunts and wheelies. The game rewards are pretty much like part one except that its henchmen have decreased and you could get points for stunts in vectors of wheelies, front flips, back flips and completion in a record set of time.


Cyclomaniacs 2