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The Y3 rendering engine will stream in Fresh Games. These games have never peen played before on the Y9i platform. Once you play them they are off the list so be sure to login and save your favorites from Y3 fresh streams. The Newest Games are tested here. Join the Y9 i Community and interact with other fellow gaming champs . Game Only with Y9i. Join the Y9i Community.

Road To Zombies better known RoadZ Review

jon1Here is a wonderfully animated zombie thriller in which zombies are hounding the city after a tragic chemical plant accident and all you can do is keep moving. ‘Keep Moving’ with lots of fun stuff including motels , cars shops and last but not the least the dirt road and you. This impeccable game seems to have everything built in starring Sandy the waitress, Ron the mechanic and  Larry the Axe man.

The game is designed very effectively with three control panels two at the bottom which indicate the function you can activate like getting into ou out of your car, starting the engine etc. A panel on the bottom left that shows the respective health and strength stats of the players and the one on the top right corner indicating your inventory of food, medication and other necessities crucial to survival.

Zombies Got wheels Game Review
The arrival of Zombie on wheels

The arrival of Zombie on wheels

Once again Yuri & Dennis throw a Zombie game surprise, already renowned for titles like ‘Undead Neighbors’ and ‘Monsters Must Die’, this 9 level game is action packed with achievements, ammunition and zombies. The story line is cliched rule of the book matrix series zombie invasion, with folks back at the camp punting their very existence on a few good hero’s who will help them attain food supplies and medication and thwart the zombie attacks.

The game innovates on a zombie library and highlights the book of the dead, thereby letting you know who you got.Its seemingly not possible to run through a level clear without performing multiple runs and picking up cash to buy upgrades. Read More...

Crash Drive 3D

Indiara And The Skull Of Gold


Crash Drive 3D

Crash Drive 3D