Warzone Tower Defense Xtended Game Review

Warzone Tower Defense Extended

Warzone Tower Defense Extended

Warzone extended is an awesome TD game wherein you need to defend your base from the oncoming waves of enemies attack. Your base life line is characterized by a thin green line and every time you get hit it takes your life away. Now you can actually defend you base with a small some of money that is allocated. You can use this money to buy flame turrets at first and place them strategically on the map to maximize enemy damage.

The point is with every enemy strike and successful thwart you are rewarded in points and money . You can accumulate this money to buy more powerful artillery and place them strategically on the enemy path.


The flame thrower and turrets are the lower range of towers which are made available for only 600$ in game money(no real money here please…) . The tower artillery includes Pulse emitters , laser cannons and plasma cannons.

You initiate the game by pressing ‘Play Level’ the game then loads and you will notice the radar on the right lower corner of your screen that depicts the oncoming enemy wave. You will notice here that your score is correlated to your cash in bank and your towers on board. You will need to choose the types of towers carefully later in the game as it has to be effective against the onslaught.

Every tower depicts a range of detonation and effectiveness, as you place the tower on board you will notice a circle either in green or red. The red circle indicates the fact that you do not have enough cash at bank to purchase this tower.You may trade in old towers to raise enough funds to buy the more effective artillery …its all your game you are the master of this war and need to decide how best to win every level of Warzone TD.