Tower Defense with Balloons Game Review

shhet1Bloons tower defense is a very straightforward game that presents you with a map. Part of this map is green with grass and there is a pathway. The game has different colored balloons strolling the pathway from left to right. All along the route you are allowed to build towers that will shoot at the balloons. The objective of the game is not to allow any balloons to get to the other end. You are allocated a certain amount of game money at the beginning and you have to spend it wisely on the appropriate type of towers bring the economic angle of defense into the game.


The game is itself a strategy game and has a few types of balloons that either arrive one by one or in streams of man. The first color of balloon is red that takes only one shot to burst the second is blue that only changes color in one shot and burst on the second.The yellow balloons are faster balloons and there are white ones as well.

In terms of towers you have a choice in building straight punch type monkey jabbing towers that will jab each balloon as they pass by either bursting them or changing their color. The monkey jab towers are very fast but are limited in capabilities as they take on one balloon at a time and maybe ineffective in the case of a streaming balloon attack. The monkey balloons are available at about two hundred and fifty dollars a piece when you buy them and can be sold for two hundred dollars a piece if you wish to sell a tower due to shifts in strategic or tactical planning.

The next type of tower is the tack tower that will shoot arrows in all directions making it very effective to slow down a speeding stream of balloons. However this tower faces a shortcoming in terms of reload time. You may find it beneficial to deploy these types of towers where there are curves as you get a higher mapping area for attack.

the next two types of towers go hand in glove in their operations, the first is the ice tower which will freeze a set of passing by balloons. The frozen balloons are not susceptible to damage by the towers introduced till now but a bomb tower can take out the entire group of frozen balloons. However these two types are expensive in terms of game money and cannot be used for initial deployment. Tactically you will find it better to deploy them next to each other with the bomb tower going just before and next to the ice tower. This manner of arrangement will have the set of balloons frozen as they pass by and make it easire for the bomb tower to take them out. You might want to watch the radius of activity and ensure that the bomb tower takes out as many paths as possible.

The real essence of playing the game is actually getting to deploy round after round and wave after wave and try not to allow the balloons to escape.