Environment Awareness TD Game Biobots Review

BioBots Tower DefenseAn interesting game I’d like to talk about this week is Biobots, very similar to a tower defense strategy series game, Biobots feature Bionic creatures that eat waste. The game gets you thinking on two dimensions one is making an effective defense strategy and environmental waste awareness.

The pathway is all windy and you have a limited amount of funds in the beginning of the game you have to click and select biobots and place them in the most effective positions. For me that would mean right between two pathways so that it could hit and crumble the particles of waste on two paths, something like doubling productivity.

In a few rounds you will be able to buy a few more biobots to thwart the growing attack of waste and then you will have the bots that eat only a variety of waste like glass or paper. Carefully notice the density of attack types and deploy the bots effectively.In terms of upgrades you need to simply click on a tower and press upgrade to upgrade the radial intensity of the attack.

Environmental BiobotThe game gives you only ten lives. If you let one piece of rubbish pass through the gates you lose a life. The game gets intense when a big MF bot passes by and you will find it difficult no matter how many smaller trash eating bots you deploy.  You need to be strategic at this stage and raise funds by selling the smaller bots to purchase a dual effect paralyzing bot that paralyses the big bot and lets it get actuated longer by the trash eating bots. You will have to tactically deploy the paralyzing bot so that many trash eating bots suck away the paralyzed bot as soon as it is paralyzed. You can do this by placing the bot in second place in and about  three trash bots thereafter.

Another interesting bot to deploy is the golden one that has the slowing down effect. Like paralyzing bots they need to be deployed in a shock and awe tactic. This game is super easy thereafter but you can really be world number one if you score about #2400 or more. Its easy to get to about #830 but will take some effective trade offs to be made to get to number one.