The method in the madness – Blobeez

It all started with bubbles and sweety keeper and the games of color matching either bubbles blocks or blobs. In Blobeez a similar concept  is presented without the time limits but with an additional challenge in planning your next move which brings it to the excitement of a game of chess. To add to the fun Blobeez sports dynamite blocks which when double clicked ignites and explodes all bobs surrounding.

bonusThe game should be played tactically as you can interchange two blobs only in the vertical and horizontal directions – NO DIAGONAL FLIPS. To add to the difficulty the game presents you with locked blobs something like the self centered folks you come across they don’t budge and you will have to shift its environment blobs to get them off your screen.


Simple flip to match

Simple flip to match

One hiccup is the game now and then demotivates you with false alarms aka ‘No more Moves’…there’s always a way out if you search for it. The game rewards points and when you get stuck you can spend them on getting hints. Yeah 10 Grand per hint can take away atleast 20 minutes of successful playtime. So if you gonna move like Jagger its gonna prove expensive.

Points are rewarded for simple sets of three. Bonus points for more complex sets. Amongst the complex sets the things to try are a ‘T’ by bringing in the vertex blob , the sign of the cross and fivers.

Tactically you should get the borders first and dont explode tnt till you clean out the  low hanging fruit. Before you blow your nitro try to get them to more complex sets of blobs which will eventually get you cornered or in trouble…a must is the self centered Blondie.Once you get the hang of it this game could prove to be addictive but Im sure you wont come back here for more once you had your fill.