Shopping Cart Hero 2 Mega Jump Game Review

shoppingtakeoff1If you’re looking for a game with extreme competitiveness, style and fun then shopping cart hero 2 might just be what you’re looking for. The game is a simple setting of a shopping cart and a pencil drawn cartoon who pushes the shopping cart down the slope and jumps right in it to get the ride of his life,just off the cliff.

The game controls are simple you simply press the right arrow key and the cartoon will start pushing the cart. A small map will appear at the bottom to show you the macro view of the slope so you can judge where the slope ends. At the appropriate moment just before take off press the top arrow to jump right into the cart and take a ride. If you find the cart tilting mid air due to turbulence and wind pressure you can control it with the left and right arrow keys. The end of jump will display your score board stats and give you the option to compete in the global rankings where someone is trying to beat the best every ten minutes.


The game judges your performance on four vectors distance you cover in total till your cart lands and reaches a full stop, height you achieved, tricks you performed and your overall style. If you experiment a bit with the getting in part before the jump you will find that you will be able to reach a better height. Whats most interesting are the upgrades which will take you sky high and enable ypou to perform the most death defying stunts midair. Feel free to flip forward and backward once you get a hold of the rocket propelled launcher cause you will be zooming to new heights and distances. However these are expensive and come to you for about 1800$ in game money points earned. There are other useful more expensive upgrades that allow you to play around with the safetey and height vectors but this game is all about flipping it and how many flips you can perform on a given ride.

The game will have you in splits once you upgrade to a groupie or Sombrero , try it just for fun.