Kill The Wabbits Review

killthewabbitsOne of the most unique games around is Kill The Wabbits, simply for its simplicity in game play and the self of relief it tends to provide in terms of taking your mind of stuff. If you’re part of animal welfare rights , this is certainly not one for you.

The game is a simple cannon ball adventure that provides you with a maze of wabbits that seem to be destroying your fields and you need to aim your cannon and fire in such a manner that you administer the right amount of power to kill maximum wabbits with a minimum number of cannon balls. The game is a scoring game and you will find it close to impossible to attain a decent rank on the global leader-boards and y9 scoreboards. At the time of this writing the Gold medal is held by Julia of the united states, the silver by Kim of Korea and the bronze by SongJim of best of luck with that.


Walking you through with the game the first level presents you with a very simple one level structure and a fence in between the wabbit is hiding underground. You will notice that while you move your mouse away from the cannon the power of the cannon increases and when you move closer it decreases, you need to power just the right amount of thrust to get your cannon ball into the hole. A little more power and it will roll over into eternity a little less and it will roll back and explode right beside you.

One trick to understand how much power to provide to the cannon is to continuously keep firing non stop while lowering your thrust power by moving your mouse slowly closer to the cannon with every shot fired. This will make an arc and a geometric hyperbola that will indicate how you need to optimize your curve.

Level two presents you with a two wabbit underground structure and a slope in between them hence there is no way you can get them both in one shot but you might want to finish them in two. Level three presents you with a double elevated  structure herein one wabbit is hiding underground sea level and one is hiding slightly elevated. What this means if you take out the farther wabbit, the probability o hitting either one in a shorter span of time increases as your missed cannonball will roll back to the first wabbit. Level four presents you with the wabbits sitting on a pine tree, herein it will be easy to get those that face you and you will need to strengthen your acumen to get those that face away.

The tricky level is when the wabbit is shielded against your cannon and no slopes are to your advantage, herein you will have to launch a quick fire to cause random cannon ball explosions close to one another and eventually one stray ricochet will hit the wabbit.

The game is action packed with thirty different levels presenting thirty different geometrical structures that evoke the permutations of momentum thrust equations within you unconsciously while giving you a deep sense of relaxation.