Gov. Of Poker Still Rocks

Gov Of Poker still RocksGovernor of Poker is an awesome game if you're just starting out to learn the tricks of Poker. The game developed by Youda has been a scream since 2009 and is available for free play. The game has a simple setting of the Wild West and you can choose your character that you'd like to enter the poker room as either a CowBoy or Mary Jane.

The game is  played in rounds with lots to win including becoming Governor of the town San Baba. The game goes that you have to play poker against every home and win the city , then you have to win every city to become governor. The first part you play against Quinn Williams who brings about 200$ worth property to the table and 8$ in weekly income, Fred Scott who brings about 100$ worth property to the table and earns a measly 4 $ a week etc. You are stuck with about 600$ worth property and some reputation to manage.

The game starts when you make a trip to the saloon and start a round of poker playing for homes , cities and the entire state of Texas. You will be seated at the table and the game then starts displaying the hats of those playing against you....seeming absorbing the character types into personalities. Once you are in Bobs cafe the message board indicates the game type and how much you bring to the table...Bob announces the Big Blind and small blind values...depending upon the hand you're dealt you can decide to fold meaning you give in, raise the bets or draw a challenge with a call. Go ahead go crazy and raise in the first round for everyone's folding...


In its most rudimentary form the game is decided basis the cards you hold in your hand and those that are dealt on the table. The person with the highest set of cards that match any of the forms below is the winner of the round, particularly according to hierarchy of rankings....actually to learn the game simply dive in and bet away (no real gambling here)...and refer the ranking board when you want to get comfortable with why you won or lost...

Ranking of hands
Royal Flush - Ace , King , Queen , Jack, and 10 in the same category example spades or hearts.
Straight Flush -  98765 in the same type example hearts
Four of a Kind - Any four cards of the same kind like 4 x Aces or 4 X kings
Full House -  Three aces and two kings
Flush -  All hearts or all spades
Straight - Just like a straight flush accept that it can be a sequence determined from any significant number
Three of a Kind - Any three cards that are of the same value example 10 etc
Two Pairs - Two pairs of the same value example two Aces and two kings
One Pair -  two aces etc
High Card -  One Ace

The rules are simple enough to let you know that if you see a high card the last of the priority order you can get a level of grit to increase the bet and play on.

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