Feudalism 2 Game Review

feudalism1Meet Inga she is a shaman and warrior in the great game feudalism 2 that takes you back to the medieval struggles for power and dictatorship. Inga’s acumen with the bow and arrow is undeniable she is always armed with her pet dagger and has the ability to suppress the enemy with her black powers; ironically she can also heal herself using the realms of shamanism.

In this enchanting game you go through the historic thought processes of war that concern duels, combat and slaughter. Once you emerge yourself into the game you find that it is action packed with real traits of betrayal , slavery and deceit.

Game play is very simple use the left and right arrow keys to move forward and backward and the up and down keys to move up and down. You may also choose to assault your enemy by getting in range and striking them, use the spacebar for attack. If you like to change your armor or sorcery use the shift buttons.

In the begining of the game you will be guided by the greats swords master but thereafter you are on your own. He will show you how to place your initial attack.

The game is filled with townships that you need to conquer and take over, bringing together interesting dynamics of socio-economics as you enter the market place and the town hall. The towns also have fortresses and once you conquer them you acquire leadership over the army and can recruit more personnel.

If you’re not into shamanism you can choose to be Elizabeth the priestess of the Holy Cross or maybe Jenghis Khan, the choice is yours as this dynamic game gives you a wide variety of avatars and control points. You can also choose whether you’d like to keep receiving hints from the great swordsmaster or want to kick his butt.

The game gives you a chance to journey into the hidden battles of long ago, delving deeply into foresight and leadership bringing out the ugly aspects of betrayal and deceit for all is fair in Love and War they say…