Dinosaur Hunter Triceratops Game Review

pteranodonOne of the cutest games that have been released lately by limingXu is one that kids aged 5 will enjoy called Dinosaur Hunter, a game about collecting Dinosaur eggs in your four by four and driving back to the factory warehouse to have them sold. En route you encounter the Dinosaur, and you need to shoot them lest they take away one egg each. The game is designed with amazing game physic controls making it necessary for you to use your driving skills and better judgement in trying to keep the eggs afloat atop the truck on a very rocky road.

The eight level feature locked game, is based on a beautiful ancient island with an active volcano taking you back to the Triassic period. In the first part of the encounter, you meet up with Camarasaurus and they want their eggs back, you will need to shoot them down, because if they take their eggs you don’t make the level. In the second level you encounter Pteranodon- the flying dinosaur….you will need to be careful with these types as they’re the flying variety, and will hurl rocks at your four by four.Level 4 becomes really interesting as you will encounter Marginocephalia Triceratops…



The BridgeGame Controls
The game is a #wasD game meaning you can use your arrow buttons, top arrow for acceleration bottom arrow for reverse gear, mouse click for firing and of course you aim your gun with your mouse. In terms of upgrades you have four power up upgrades in ammunition the cheapest costing 1000 game points and the most expensive costing 4000 game points. You will notice a difference in the wasd settings in that the left and right arrow keys are redundant,meaning the game has only one dimension of movement.


Scoring is basis achieving minimum number of seven eggs to warehouse in level one.You also get bonus points for making the distance in record time. A few cheats at this stage would be to watch out for Pteranodon cause he’s dangerous and he’s flying high above and will drop big rocks turning your four by four turtle.Also, if you drop an egg on your path to the warehouse , it could overturn your truck and reduce it to rubble. Another pointer is the loading conveyor belt, you may want to move your truck a bit forward and back during loading so as to spread the eggs evenly, so that they won’t drop off. Scores are also awarded for the Dinosaurs you shoot down, you will find the higher range automatic weapons and missile launchers are more adept at taking out a dinosaur in one shot.

level 5 BazookaLevel 5 – The Bazooka

Achieving the productivity scores set by the factory and gaining bonus reward points for doing so in record time is not gonna be simple if you do not quickly upgrade to the Bazooka. The bazooka scene will involve attacks from all three species of Dinosaurs and will require agility and response to get through…lol , it will be a scream balancing the eggs. One hint I’d like to share with you here is look out at the egg collection center, when the eggs are getting packed into your truck…what kinda eggs are they? are they appearing differtent…the kind of eggs getting loaded will give you an idea whether the attack is going to come from land or the skies. One more nice aspect liming has incorporated in this game3 is the fact of being careful and agile whilst crossing pebble creek a really delicate cross over path, becuase just as you get across you just might have to face tricertops…beware.

In conclusion I’d like to add that although I had no clue about Doinosaurs, I was once educated by a five year old kid while waitingt to meet the doc…and he told me all about the various species of Dinosaurs and their eating habits…and whert we could find them as well (guess he meant their remains)…got me thinking that this game is splendid for your kids in terms of being educative and inculcation a sense of fun and humor in education.