Wold Cup FiFa 2014 prep game

Two player Football

Two player Football

With the  FIFA World Cup 2014 just around the corner and set to kick off in Sao Paulo Brazil the teams are bracing up for the showdown with the first match being between Brazil and Croatia. This side of the globe fans and kids fall in love with an old football game online as it catches new steam on y9.  World Cup Pk the two player flash game by Delpiero has caught on new freshness. Ironically the game focuses only on the penalty shoot bringing out aspects of power, speed ,twists and skill.


To recap the game it presents you with a team of players from Argentina , France , Germany, Brazil and Spain among’st others and allows you (and your friend sitting anywhere in the world, if you chose two player mode) to get into a rock solid three level elimination playoff with twists , feints , faking and goals…you may also choose to be part of a team or neutral. The game is divided into three elimination rounds and you need to score of five points to advance to the next round. Every shoot should be performed withing 45 seconds flat, if you don’t  do it withing 45 seconds a  standard shot is played and your turn is over.

Game Play – Shooting


Ready Shoot Goal!

Playing the game requires both shooting and goal keeping skills. To shoot into the post you will hind an aide in a helper small ball and a green arrow that is a directional quantifier. Aim to that part of the post that you will like to shoot and click on the small ball to record your settings. The real differential that this game brings about is the fact that you have a third dimension access to your kick. By drawing the arrow and your mouse further down to th limit of your screen you can actually adjust the height that you wish to shoot at. If you will like to add more power to your kick you can use the power indicator that is provided in the arrow, simply click and release when the arrow is closest to the ball for more powerful kicks and furthest away from the ball for lesser power. In real soccer the players often alternate between power and curl optimizing their height as well in a bid to deceive the goalie. The twist is in the curl actually and this game gives you a spacebar curl to the ball. Yes, just after you perform the kick the game will start to animate the kick …just before the player kicks the ball press your space bar and the ball will curl. ….and just how do you control the curl? quite subtle actually…its by getting your aim mildly off the center of the block…try it out on y9…that’s the best way to get to know.


WorldCup FiFa 2014 Game

WorldCup FiFa 2014 Game

Goal keeping is a very simple #sxdC controls the X and C are for opposite sides far reaching dives and the s and s and d keys are for plain old jumps to either side. You need to time the jump as soon as the ball is kick and choose how far or wide you’d like to jump. A wireless mouse will also help if you get confused with the keys….wired mouses may not make it with all the action you put it through.


This simple looking game is loaded with gimmicks to make a two player football tournament really interesting…the player may feint a direction of kicking watch out! If you thought the direction arrow gives away the direction to jump…the arrows just may change direction just before his foot kicks the ball. To be fair you can feint too when your tun comes, simply setup the procedure as described in the kick and just before you kick the ball click on the small green button….your entire setup will be mirrored in the opposite direction, thereby causing fake.

It is quite certain that with all the action building up to FIFA 2014 this exciting game is certainly going overboard in terms of number of times played but then again maybe we need to divide that stat by two and give credit where it is due…nevertheless thought Id mention in passing that the developer is working on an updated version of the game and you can catch the reviews and walk through right here.