Pool Profi 2 Review

Pool Profi 2

Pool Profi 2

Oh how lovely to indulge in a game of Pool and if you’re a bit under the weather to make it to the Pool club, you could always indulge in one on y9. Pool Profi 2 is one game that has been standing the analytics engine for an above average time of play seeming to indicate that it provides a good online gaming experience.

Game play with Pool Profi is as simple as placing your white cue ball on the pool table aiming and shooting.


The objective of the game is to pocket all the ball except the cue ball and you can aim your cue and cue ball to any of the balls and your angle of strike and spin angle meter will appear. A power gauge will appear and you will have to choose the right amount of power to thrust the ball in . Once you trust your judgement on the three factors the strike angle, the spin and the thrust you can click you mouse to take your shot.

Have fun playing Pool Profi 2.