Papas Burgeria Review

Papas Burgeria

Papas Burgeria

If you are in the mood for a burger and its recipe and some relaxing games, you ought to check out Papa’s Burgeria an award winning game that not only teaches you how to make your own burgers but how to serve your customers and keep them happy. In papa’s burgeria you can choose a male or female avatar and give her features that closely resembles you giving you a few aspects of a dress up game as well. The game has three stations one where you meet your new customers in the Burger joint and take fresh orders, then you have the grill station where you cook your burger and the build station where in you set about decorating your freshly cooked burger.


The game is an easy to play and relaxing stage by stage prompt and click type , firstly you take new orders from the arriving customers by clicking on the take order button. Then you copy down each of the customers orders onto an order ticket and then place them on the ticket line to organize your kitchen and the ttd list. Depending upon the order you may have to first use the grill station to grill the patties. The game at this stage is a drag and drop game giving you all the essence of patties fries in the oven. Place them one over the other or flat as you would like them rare, or medium. When you roll your mouse over the patty an indicator shows you how long its been cooking and the temperature of the oven as well. The essence of the game is getting it right and burgers should be cooked evenly on each side , so use your mouse to flip the burger patty on the grill.

Once the grilling is over you will be lead to the build station where you need to place the bottom of a bun and then choose the respective layers of food that youd like to adorn your burger with.b You have an entourage which includes cheese , lettuce, sliced onions , tomatoes and salads. You can then top it up with mayonnaise or ketchup and you’re done. How well you grill your burgers goes a lot into the score you achieve through customer satisfaction and bonus tips.