Unlawful Underground Truck Wars Game Review

Truck WarsTruck Wars is a nice happy game about a truck race right? …wrong! …Truck wars is the illegal underground world of dirty truck racing with chain saws and competitor destroyers et al. Level 1 of the game is the simplest race against  trucks on a mountainous track. However at level two your competitor is singled out cause you have to be mean and destroy your competition by exploding the truck . The way this is done is to drive alongside them and deploy a crate or a chainsaw and sabotage their race. Front flips give you nitro points and back flips get you reward points. Level three has you escaping from the cops, who are themselves in a chain wheel truck, you will find that it becomes really interesting that you need more traction to pull away from the cops and the way this is achieved is to shift the weight to the front tires in the upscale of the slopes and move them backwards to the rear during down slopes. You will find the truck design is responsive to your arrow click and your elimination is quite dirty with the X buttons.

wheelie2Game play is simple a hash wasD type where you use the top arrow key for acceleration and the bottom one for deceleration the side arrows being for balance. Nitro gas is won if you perform a front flip …gain some traction on an up slope press the z key and achieve a decent height whilst simultaneously deploying the front arrow key to twirl the truck forward…beware don’t explode your truck.

The game is an action packed 24 level entertainer and has powerful  upgrades in terms of weapons and engine power , you can also get a custom design for your truck with reward points. The ingame upgrades offers extensive options in terms of vinyls for your truck you start out with a star but soon can earn the vinyl of your choice and be the proud owner of your power truck. You can also have an exquisite paint job performed on your monster truck and if that wasn’t enough you can choose from an array of armor and weapons including chain saws and crane saws. Personally , I prefer chain tires for extra traction but if you score enough reward points you can get yourself metal studded monster tires or even thorny tires.