Turbo Tank Racers Review

Turbo Tank RacerIf you like a straight forward racing game where all you have to do is race forward and balance your vehicle while perform twirls and turns in the air during jumps off slopes and terrains, but always thought your vehicle was not robust enough to take the fall, the you have to try Turbo Tanks the racing game with a difference….you’re racing a heavily armored battle tank here and as long as you let the tank fall on its base there is no breaking down or let up.

Turbo tanks is an interesting and easy to play game  as it is organised into level and all you have to do is race forward your tank in the minimum amount of time whilst simultaneously collecting health stars and bonus reward points.  The game is designed to allow you to enable the battle tank to jump as well, and this will be reuired when you pass a Top Secret post for what awaits you thereafter is a surprise snare and you will have to overcome by jumping your tank right through it.


scoreboardGame play is quite simple you use only your top and bottom arrows to move forwards and back. If you take off from a slope you can use the left arrow to perform back flips with your tank. Needless to say the right arrow serves for forward flips but beware do not land your tank head over heels or it will be shattered in to pieces. The game controls also provide you with a jump button, this will be helpful when you arrive at eminent dangers like cliffs in the path ways or steep ravines and you just need to jump your tank from one surface to another.

Heading off into the game I played two levels just to get a feel for the controls and responsiveness of my tank, at the end of the level I was furnished with a scoreboard that displayed the overall time taken to complete the level, the stars that I had one my health status and overall score (about 15800 at end of level 2). Level three saw a change in location to an ice glacier filled with movable rocky stones, its important to note that if you keep pushing the stones they will pile up against you so why not simply jump over them. And level four presents you with Christmas trees and an old shack, with a huge boulder snare, if you hit the boulder it will move and expose you to a deep fall in the endless ravine, you seem to have no choice but to build enough momentum and make a jump over the boulder, be careful for there is a top secret coming right after and you know that means a hidden trap.