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Above Average Guy
How would you like to star in a Japanese Game show doing the seemingly ridiculous things to win the game before a whacky audience? Well this game is going to cull you right out of your couch and put you in the spotlight. The game comprises about 43 levels but you will get stuck in level 6 when you turn invisible and will have to judge your movements basis the correlating movement of the game show host. This game is going to have you dressed up in ridiculous costumes as you glide through from level to level. So if you\'re game for a little run and jump puzzles dive right in.
Tesla: War Of Currents
Have you ever played a shooting game , a grabbing game and a maze puzzle all at once. Join Tesla the intelligent Serbian American physicist who discovered alternating current that led to modern electricity systems  who fiercely fights against Thomas Alva Edison the inventor of the light bulb and founder of General Electric Company. In this game you need to keep your team alive and solve the mysteries of each level. Be an opportunist in terms of upgrading your team and help them unlock the magical hidden inventions....Down with Edison!
Just Bubbles
a little bubble puzzle game
match 3 game, shoot pearls towards groups of the same colour to gather th pearls, don not let the pearls chain get too long or you wil loose. Use special items like bombs, multipliers, reverse and pause to harvest pearls more effectively.
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Stella Muisa Bloom
you can paly with your mouse
Ship Loader
Great casual physics game. Your task is to load containers of different weight into the hold of the ship using magnetic crane. If you stow the cargo incorrect the ship can lie over and captain will fall from the deck into the sea.
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Bubbles Smile
Bubbles always burst, but they can smile thus. Remove a lot of smiling bubbles, drop down to reach the goal of chamomile. You are waited by set of interesting levels. Dial as many points.
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A green plasticine blob in search for harmony. An original fairy-tale world, skinned over a real physics engine.
Wrong Block
Try the new way to play match-3 puzzles - we've rejected a classic model where you have to swap pieces and have created the new one with a single click!
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Physics Cup 3
Guide the ball to the goal by solving physics puzzles.
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Badgicon 2
Badgicon 2 - is the simple match 3 puzzle game. Make rows of 3 or more identical badges got scores and bonus. Follow the task level to get more score and learn new combination for bonus.
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Fairy Faces
Press on start to scramble the pieces.Click and drag pieces on the grid.If you need some help,you can reveal the picture underneath the grid.By clicking on the "Next Puzzle" button,you willl get access to another puzzle.
Smart Balloon
Control the balloon, deliver a coin into the basket and solve the puzzle
Finds the differences in these twenty great games of the 80's. Uses the ARROWS KEYS to move and the SPACE KEY to confirm! Good luck! Another game by
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Fancy Animals
Put in sequence Fancy Animals of the same species.
Pixel Painter
Drop and match colour blocks in this retro-arcade game. Paint all 24 pixel pictures and get high score!
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Butterfly Connect
Butterfly connect is a fun puzzle game to practice reaction speed, remembrance, resilience. You definitely like to play! Clear the board by clicking on two adjacent tiles to remove them.
Pusher likes to be alone inside his colorful block world. Use boxes to throw all the evil robots out. Avoid spikes, laser beams and robots. Use movable object as a shield against laser beams and spikes and as a weapon against robots.
Rolling Hero 3
Roll trough the galaxy , unlock achievements, collect credits, unlock bonus levels.
Office Kissing
These two office mates would like to kiss while working. But they are repeatedly interrupted by their colleagues who spy on them. Can you help them kiss without being noticed? It’s going to be a difficult task as getting caught can become a huge embarrassment. See if you can help them steal kisses secretly.

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