Kickboxing Adventure with Karate Blazers

Update KB was replaced by KOF enjoy

A kickboxing adventure having you throw your favorite thrust kick the fumi komi yoko geri and the round hose kick aka mae wa ki geri, if you like kick boxing you’re gonna love karate blazers. In this game you can choose to be up to four character avatar types including Mark ‘The Nomadic Mercenary’ , Akira the passionate ninja, Glen the invincible wrestler, Gil the mysterious fighter who wants justice to win.

Kickboxing Street

Kickboxing Street

Game controls are very simple pressing ‘X’ will throw a round house kick and pressing ‘C’ will throw a full thrust jump kick. The buttons are next to each other on the keyboard making your gameplay very simple. Pressing ‘X’ multiple times will throw a slew of fighting techniques including hammer punches and side kicks. The controls to move your character are a simple #wasD or arrow buttons. Once you face objects like crates kick it and burst em , if you come across an object like a map or certificate press ‘X’ to pick it up.

Diving into level one with the avatar type Glen I faced the enemy hooligans hiding behind crates. I kicked the crates and moved my character to get it in line with the next crate using my down arrow key destroying the crates and exposing the thugs to a venomous fight. At this time I was being surrounded and used a quick slurry of round house kicks in both directions using my left and right arrow keys in combination with the ‘X’ key. You may find it wise to avoid the drop kicks as it takes a bit longer to execute and when you are surrounded it is always better to be quick with your defense on all sides.

Soon I earned my title and picked it up using the ‘X’ key at this point I was awarded about thirty three credits. Stage two of the game will have you surrounded by hooligans about eight or nine of them, it will be wise o move around and line them up continuously while knocking them silly one by one. Foot work is very important to get past this stage of the game. Take care to use your foot work in the up and down direction more than in the left and right direction as it appears these thugs do not know the art of side stepping and feinting.

The game gives you a 1980 look and feel especially with its ‘insert coins’ instead of Play game button, No coins to be inserted here simply press the insert coins button and enjoy your free kick boxing game.