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Arithmetic Challenge

Its quite easy to become the wolf on math street and have fun at the same time all under sixty seconds flat. If you would like to participate in a global math challenge and review your global standing in under 60 seconds, then you have to try out ‘Arithmetic Challenge’.

The colors and hues of this seemingly simple game come across as blatant and is likely to be dismissed as naive or categorized for the kindergarten. The most important aspect of this game is the challenge posed in under 60 seconds and the way to enjoy it is to compete in the international segments at all four categories and try to achieve a leadership position on the longer duration leader-board scales.


Math Leader Board

The Game comes in four basic genres ‘Addition’, ‘Subtraction’,’Multiplication’ and ‘Division’ and offers you an immediate assessment of your calculations and their results. The game has various levels to achieve in under 60 seconds. Each level is comprised of ten right answers and scoring is one point for each right answer.  Although the hierarchical order of the games presentation seems to be ‘easy’ -> ‘difficult’, you just might find a spoiler in the multiplication category….in that there are too many multiply by zero…so placing your little finger on the zero key, just might propel you to a leadership position on the Global leader board. We do hope you get about to enjoying Arithmetic Challenge….we will be leaving you with a few snapshots to get the bigger picture of the game.


The Arithmetic Challenge Score SheetThe Arithmetic Challenge Score Sheet

The Arithmetic Challenge Score Sheet

Score Board - Math Challenge

Score Board – Math Challenge