Zombies Got wheels Game Review

The arrival of Zombie on wheels

The arrival of Zombie on wheels

Once again Yuri & Dennis throw a Zombie game surprise, already renowned for titles like ‘Undead Neighbors’ and ‘Monsters Must Die’, this 9 level game is action packed with achievements, ammunition and zombies. The story line is cliched rule of the book matrix series zombie invasion, with folks back at the camp punting their very existence on a few good hero’s who will help them attain food supplies and medication and thwart the zombie attacks.

The game innovates on a zombie library and highlights the book of the dead, thereby letting you know who you got.Its seemingly not possible to run through a level clear without performing multiple runs and picking up cash to buy upgrades.

There is a fair degree of latency in mouse movement to responsiveness on screen and it takes a bit of practice to discount this latency while playing, maybe the game author could have provided three options for game graphics controllers as it seems the high end graphics have destabilized the optimum performance of the game at least while testing it out.

Zombie on wheels - protection camp

Zombie on wheels – protection camp

Game Controls

The game controls are quite simple falling in the point and shoot genre with an added ‘R’ for reloading. The game is packed with upgrades and libraries of zombie types and behavior which sadly are not exposed at the beginning of the game in level 1, but the ttd is jam packed and your itinerary includes collecting food supplies and medicines for folks back in the camp….fill your supply chain en route this adventure by stopping by to pick up groceries and medications with a simple mouse click. Get prepared to get lucky pick up useful money and health-bars to prepare for the next sortie again with a click of your mouse. Use the space-bar skilfully to jump from one mode of conveyance to another or even over the living dead themselves. If you’ve upgraded to grenades use ‘G’ to launch.