Road To Zombies better known RoadZ Review

jon1Here is a wonderfully animated zombie thriller in which zombies are hounding the city after a tragic chemical plant accident and all you can do is keep moving. ‘Keep Moving’ with lots of fun stuff including motels , cars shops and last but not the least the dirt road and you. This impeccable game seems to have everything built in starring Sandy the waitress, Ron the mechanic and  Larry the Axe man.

The game is designed very effectively with three control panels two at the bottom which indicate the function you can activate like getting into ou out of your car, starting the engine etc. A panel on the bottom left that shows the respective health and strength stats of the players and the one on the top right corner indicating your inventory of food, medication and other necessities crucial to survival.


The game is played in a manner of survival of the fittest, as soon as you hear of the zombie breakthrough you should leave your beer at the pub and run to your car before the zombies arrive. The zombies will thrash anything in their path and these are indicated by a small health indicator animated at the top of the respective person or thing. You can click on a particular character to take charge or you can take the whole team into controls that allow you to use your gun or medikit. When you pass by buildings loot them cause you will need supplies and no ones going to blame you in the event of a zombie attack. Take good care in collecting your utilities from looted buildings, keep an eye on the food & water tab at the top right panel and ensure you get good supplies of the. You will need scrap to repair damage caused by the zombies.

The car drive is amazing as you can control the car with the arrow buttons.In your effort to keep moving you will need to take some time out to refuel your car keep an eye on the gas panel on the top right corner. There are other top ups to help you make it through the night but it is important for you to get some sleep and rest as well so find yourself a nice secure house and reinforce its security in case of zombie attacks.

The game needs to be explored to find whereabouts in survival methods and is intriguing in terms of its features and capabilities.