Penguinz Game Review

penguin2One of the coolest shooting games of all time on fog categories is the Penguinz, the game that has you playing a penguin being attacked from both sides by enemy penguins, is as simple as aim and fire. What makes the game most interesting is the speed of play even at the easy levels. Each enemy penguin you drop will leave behind his legacy and his private ammunition termed ammo or health status or reward money, so you shoot out the approaching enemy penguins try to collect as much loot as possible. The game  is organised into nineteen levels wherein you face a new enemy at each level. In level two you will have to watch out for Martin the thugbird and in level four you will encounter the kamikaze suicidal penguin, firesticks in level five and other interesting characters of deceptive penguins though each level

Game play is quite simply the left and right arrow buttons to move left and right and the mouse for aiming an shooting. When you reach a dead penguins loot you will collect it automatically into your kitty , watch your health status on the control panel at the top as it is vital for you to get past the next encounter, you may want to top up your health using a loot health tab that’s fallen from the enemy penguin.

As you play the game from level to level you will find that it has built in achievements and upgrades . You may collect enough cash and upgrade to a Desert Eagle from your ordinary pistol you own, it will make taking out the enemy penguins easier. Upgrades also include a UZI, an AK47 , shotguns , MI6, Rocket Launchers , Gating guns and a chainsaw. You will also find health upgrades to ensure your lifespan.

At first glance I wanted to upgrade to an AK47 priced at about four thousand dollars because of its ability to cause sever damage to the onslaught of the rivals, but I could only afford a dessert eagle priced at about eight hundred buck and an added health top up.Once you do buy your upgrades you will need to activate them. You need to press Q or E to activate and change your weapon, as already stated your left and right arrows will move you in those directions and the top arrow will enable you to jump. One effective cheat id like to give you at this stage , it will be easier to face your enemies in one direction than to get surrounded by them. So simply choose a direction and jump over enemies , pushing yourself into a corner, then take them out as they arrive one by one or many at a time. Do remember to collect the goodies they carry and use them to your advantage. The end of each level displays your scoreboard with the respective vectors of scoring that includes number of enemy penguins killed, bullets fired and total cash earned.