Cactus McCoy the Coyboy Game Review

sheet3Cactus McCoy is one crazy wild adventure game involving ancient tribes, spirit guides a lost treasure and a gal. The legend of the story line has it that McCoy found an ancient Aztectype artefact of  the tribe of the Volados, whose sacred city of Calavera was ruled by a winged Shaman and he kept the city in balance with his strange powers of the mystical serpent blade. But then a dark cult  called the Retaros grew in the cities shadows and they wanted to take away the powers of the serpent blade which led to a war. When Calvera crumbled the Shaman sealed the blade in a treasure box and hid it amongst the treasures of the Volados. The seance was such that the magic seal can only be broken by one of his descendants and that was Ella , the gal of Mc.Coy.

But then as the story would have it Ella was seazed by the warring opponents and Mc.Coy hit so hard on his head that he passed out. When Mc.Coy comes around he is alon and you have to take him through the ensuing adventures to find his gal and the treasure.

The game will have you in binds with its intense controls that are introduced ‘as on need basis’. The basic controls are the left and right arrow keys to move left and right. Most of the time the ‘A’ key is for Jumping and the ‘S’ key for striking or throwing a blow. The ‘S’ key plus the down arrow is a combination used to get off ledges or ladders and the down key alon is used to activate or pick up something like a gun.

Jumping into level one of the game, I was prompted by by the friendly controls to move right. The bottom control panel of the screen has my life lines which is five initially and the green bar indicating my weapon strength which was zilch as I was carrying none. The left top corner had the time ticking away in micro seconds I assume. Mc.Coy going right to the end came to a wooden ledge and I was prompted to activate a combination with the down arrow and the ‘A’ key to jump off the ledge and onto a landing below.  There was present a dummy scarecrow that I had to punch using the ‘S’ key and soon as his top was blown off, a secret door opened.

Something that looked like a stack of thorny bushes kept rolling from side to side but I payed no attention to it and it did not harm me. Then I controlled Mc.Coy to reach the tiled roof on the far right and activating the down arrow combo along with the A key made him jump a level lower. Now at this new depth of a level were tightropes to get across and the controls were the simple use of the left and right keys.

Jumping off the tight ropes was a big bell, passing which Mc.Coy approached anther tight rope and walked across it and then jumped down to find the first hidden treasure. To the right of the treasure was an old broken and crooked ladder which Mc.Coy could easily scale using the ‘A’ key until he reached the top and jumped off that level to be confronted by an enemy armed with a shovel. You will need to take Mc.Coy through the fist fight using your S keys and punch the living lights out of the shovel guy to get to the next level.

The next level will have you upto some gunfights as you have to stand over your gun to pick it up. The moment you do your waepon indicator at the bottom will glow a full blue. Now carefully get Mc.Coy right under that guard whose blocking the doors on the upper level and shoot him. Shooting is as simple as perssing the down arrow  as ‘S’ key combo. Once you finish off the guard the door to the next level will open. The rest is an intriguing fantasy adventure of wild west Mc.Coy is dark shamanic lands…hope you do enjoy it.