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Rock And Pop Music Quick Crosswords
Three quick and easy crossword puzzles for rock / pop music fans to test their pop-star knowledge... singers, groups, stars, songs. Fun picture clues help when you recognise the musician, but not the silly clue we made up ! Theme = Rock and Pop Music 2010-2012. Game Type = Crosswords
Extreme Penalty Shootout
Prove you are an amazing shooter in the football field
Breaker Breaker
A game made by Sharmandra and David Rosen for the Project Eden contest. Chain together sets of awesome looking explosions in tune to the beat of the music to bring songs to life! This game can have a lot of action going on at once so if you have an older PC it’s recommended you lower the quality on the Options screen before playing.
GoGo Stop
A simple, addictive game utilizing the webcam to detect when you're moving. Just don't get caught moving when the light is red!!
Trollface Quest
Trollface Quest is a ridiculous quest game. Solve 20 puzzles and don't get caught by Troll.
Barack Obama Dreamland
Enter the mind of president Barrack Obama and try to keep his dream going.
High Score: 4900
Score By: dude
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Football Arcade
Use mouse to avoid red team players, collect coins and bonuses. Win the Game and than run as long as you can :)
No Scores Recorded
Titok : Musim Jambul
Neng Reni wants a new hair style trend. Let's help her create a new quiff
High Score: 91
Score By: dude
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Kids Room Wall Decals
Find the Hidden Objects in Kids Room Wall Decals!
No Scores Recorded
Hit the correct arrows at the right time. Be precise to get higher score.
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There exists some caves inside the Moon. These caves leads to unknown portals. Combine your moves and reach the portals. 15 levels of challenge awaits you!
Laser Bar
I to say to you one vessels with her(it) smile and owed you pass in the small passage of the laser which(who) go go faster and faster
No Scores Recorded
Jingle Hero Christmas
Music Hero Version with Christmas songs. Help Santa Claus and his reindeers to complete the entire list of songs in Rockie and Expert modes. Be the first in ranking.
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Break The Blocks 2: Musical Edition
Blocks fall to the beat of the music, click the blocks to make them explode!!
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You Dance Badly IV
Follow the arrows and not the rhythm in this 4th iteration of the You Dance Badly series from nonSoft. Each game in the You Dance Badly series features a new dance track.
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Legwalkovich has found himself in a bad situation. He has some movement and mutation problems... Help him survive as long as you can!
Snaketronic is a 3D flash game where you control a snake shaped vehicle, whose aim is to collect all the energy balls. Avoid falling through gaps, getting hit by energy beams, and crashing into structures or the snake will be destroyed. You’ve 3 lives on each level. If you lose them all, you can retry the level from the start with another 3 lives. The camera can be controlled with PgUp and PgDown to set the height, Insert and Del to move around, Home to reset and End to change mode.
Christmas Bag 'Em All
Help the Elf catch falling Christmas Ornaments!
No Scores Recorded
Christmas Skating
Move the girl with the arrow keys to catch the flakes Your combo increases with each cought flake untill you fall down You must glide to go up or down
Lawndale is hosting their 43rd annual eating contest, and you have been selected to participate!
High Score: 6
Score By: dude
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