Love Ball Old Game New Hat Review

sheet1With valentines just around the corner everyone’s in the mood for love. Almost everyone, if you have not found your true love you could still indulge yourself into a cool game of Love Ball on y9. The game which has its theme centered on a rescue of your girl friend from evil pink and blue balls, will have you all wound up and asking for more.

The  game is very close in resemblance to balloon striker and has a play wherein you have to shoot a similar coloured ball to a similar colored group of balls to burst the entire group. If you layer a different color then the balloons will slowly make its way towards you and you will find it difficult to burst the groups within as the colors get fragmented. Remember three of a kind and you need to burst all balls to rescue the girl.


I thought I’d give you a first hand opinion of the game and jumped right into it. I found that at level 1 things were simple and slow as you have only five colors to mix and match. So I started the little adventure and grouped odd balls, those that woundt shoot a category or group right to the far ends. I was lucky to get the bomb ball as well, this bomb ball is a bonus that can take out any colours. All’s well that ends well was round 1, I did get the girl.

The game continuous from level to level with the same theme of the girl hanging from the balloons but the puzzles in which you have to shoot being different. If you take too long to rescue the girl, she is most upset with you so you have to finish the puzzle in quick time and shoot all the balls. One more pointer , when you do get a bomb ball try to aim for the group of balloons with the largest number of balls, yeah im using balls interchangeably with balloons but you get the pun.