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Enjoy the Y9 Farm series iGame, a collection of farming games. The prelude to the ville des petites. If you do like this space please feel free to join the Y9 i Community and interact with other fellow gaming champs . Game Only with Y9i. Join the Y9i Community.

The Farm Life
farm life

farm life

Oh how I love them farm fresh foods makes me always wonder what life would be like growing up in the farm.Then I came across Youda Farmer a game that simulates the process of the farmer taking you from sowing the seeds to reaping the rewards.

Technically the game is much more than simple produce and involves a lot more in terms of forecasting and inventory management…but lets leave that aside and have some fun. The game is designed in such a manner that every one is interdependent.

Sowing the seed


On one end of the map is your farm and the other end sports the wind turbines that harness the winds for clean energy that is used by you to pump water and irrigate your crops. The Map also sports the Mill, baker and the pub.

Farm Frenzy Game on Farming Review

aeroplaneHave you ever wondered what a day in the life of a farmer will be? Farm frenzy will put you right in the center of a farming life where in you make decisions on regular everyday farming and those will result in you owning your airplane to transport goods and a lot of wealth or you will just have to try your luck again. The game also has its hidden dangers of a bear running loose, let him run and he will destroy your farm. Be brave enough to catch him before he make you bankrupt. This game brings you all the essence of farming including its economics , its methodology and its logistics.

Level one of teh game will see you with ownership of one chicken a well and a warehouse. You will notice a lifeline under the chicken, if it starves its life line will depreciate and if it eats sufficiently its life line will stay stable and it will lay eggs. To feed the chicken you will need to click on the dry land and you will notice plants growing which will encourage chicken feed insects and the chicken will have its fill. Read More...