The Farm Life

farm life

farm life

Oh how I love them farm fresh foods makes me always wonder what life would be like growing up in the farm.Then I came across Youda Farmer a game that simulates the process of the farmer taking you from sowing the seeds to reaping the rewards.

Technically the game is much more than simple produce and involves a lot more in terms of forecasting and inventory management…but lets leave that aside and have some fun. The game is designed in such a manner that every one is interdependent.

Sowing the seed


On one end of the map is your farm and the other end sports the wind turbines that harness the winds for clean energy that is used by you to pump water and irrigate your crops. The Map also sports the Mill, baker and the pub.


Windmill generates clean energy

Windmill generates clean energy

The mill is where you grind your produce and the baker is the one who purchases freshly ground flour from you and you in turn buy bread from the baker. The complexity is quite simple actually is you learn to ease off at the pub at the end of the day.

The game is made for both boys and girls as you choose the gender of the character....and can type in your favorite name are then gentle persuaded by the rich text dialog boxes that nudges you onto what is expected of you next.

You start playing the game with a limited amount of money and tonnes of clean water. You plant the grain and water the fields and protect them from stray animals. Within a while your harvest is ready and you fill your truck and drive it down to the flour mill....