Farm Frenzy Game on Farming Review

aeroplaneHave you ever wondered what a day in the life of a farmer will be? Farm frenzy will put you right in the center of a farming life where in you make decisions on regular everyday farming and those will result in you owning your airplane to transport goods and a lot of wealth or you will just have to try your luck again. The game also has its hidden dangers of a bear running loose, let him run and he will destroy your farm. Be brave enough to catch him before he make you bankrupt. This game brings you all the essence of farming including its economics , its methodology and its logistics.

Level one of teh game will see you with ownership of one chicken a well and a warehouse. You will notice a lifeline under the chicken, if it starves its life line will depreciate and if it eats sufficiently its life line will stay stable and it will lay eggs. To feed the chicken you will need to click on the dry land and you will notice plants growing which will encourage chicken feed insects and the chicken will have its fill.

Notice that every time you plant a sapling some amount of money is deducted from your well.This is the power generation bill to pump the water for the plants to grow. Sodont overfeed your chicken as you have a limited supply of money and have to ensure that everything else is in balance.

Once the chicken lays an egg click on it and it will get stacked into your ware house when you reach the level goals or whenever you run out of cash feel free to click on the ware house and sell your products, don’t sell your chicken though its all youve got right now. Once you do press the sell button you will notice a truck delivering your goods to the factory in the far right corner of the game. What this means is that there is a definite time lag between you pressing the sell button and the money accruing to your account. The only thing to watch out for is that you dont run out of chicken feed for a lack of water.

Evert now and again your farm is in danger of a wild bear running madly across, you need to cage him before he causes immense damage and bankruptcy because he will kill the chickens and any other livestock on the farm. Just click on the bear multiple times until a cage is built around him then he will be stashed away in the warehouse and you can sell him to the circus for sixty dollars. The moral that you need to keep in mind during the bear episode is that you can turn adversity into fortune.

As you continue the game you will not be satisfied with your income and will want to scale up operations. Now that you have determined the important aspects of the game you can ensure your balance is crossing one hundred dollars and purchase another chicken. The produce of eggs will now double and you will be in a position to move to the next level where you can purchase an egg processing plant. Once you do attain a level of scale in your next level you will build your processing plant for one hundred and fifty dollars. You will not draw a balance between eggs and processed by products basis the going market rate that you se on your sell screen.

The game will eventually take you from level to level from upgrade to upgrade as you acquire your airplane for shipment and logistics, build your own dough factory , a curd factory and buy your own truck. While all the time keeping watch for the bear attacks as you improve your the stealth of your cage or get a better well job.