A cute game making gifts and managing the gift making shop

believe-in-santa_v2Here is a cute toy making and decoration game where you take plain horses ,cars or dolly’s and have them colored and decorated while your customers await their respective orders. The game has you playing the owner of a toy shop and you have your customers walk in and request for toys of various colors and decorations. Sometimes they want the toys packed in a certain way or special Christmas decorations to go along. The game has special bonuses for happy customers as well.

At the center of the toy shop is a pretty merry go round that displays all the bare toys and this can be activated by pulling the lever with your mouse to change the display of toys . The game has a little impatient girl and a very patient gentleman who will walk in and request a certain toy with a specific color and with or without a special decoration. Let us say for example the girl walks in and asks for a doll in red.  You will find two helper elves seated at the end one with red color paint and a decoration kit and the other with blue color paint and a decoration kit.


If the girl wants a red color doll without any decoration, simply pick up the bare toy from the central merry go round display and hand it over to the elf with red coloring. He will do his thing and have your toy ready in a jiffy, you then take the toy and hand it over to the girl. If she wants it gift wrapped you will find the corresponding  symbol on the left of your counter simply click it to open the gift wrapping drawer take a gift wrap and click on her gift to have it wrapped.

This is a game all about satisfying your customers and you will have to work keenly watching their happiness levels indicated by the number of hearts on top of them, you do not want a disgruntled or dissatisfied customer, so pay close attention to avoid wastage. Perhaps sometimes we do get it wrong and need to start over, in these cases simply dump the gift that’s wasted in the bin on the far right drawer or you will not be able to proceed with the game.

For those of you who thought online gaming is a complete waste of time, this game brings together very important management concepts and statistical concepts. The theory is called queuing systems and is used very far and wide in fields ranging from telecom to hospitals, Its the same scenario.  So every time you dial a telephone number and find your network jammed you can ask them to start off by playing this game and understanding how to keep your customer satisfied. To give you one clue the customer who walks in this store is you when you dial a telephone number.