Dr. Stone Age

Dr. Stone Age

Dr.Stone Age is training brain game like PC game Crazy machine. Use your brain and hunt the boar with many tools and utilities. There are 40 stages include 3 tutorials are for free and 60 premium stage ,whch you can buy in shop.

'Dr.Stone Age' is an Incredible Machine style puzzler with a Stone Age theme. Arrange the available objects to create a contraption that will knock out the boar in each stage. Total 100 stages include 3 tutorials.

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Game Author: Zoyflash

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Dr. Stone Age Scores
01/27/2012 03:08 pm
  Y9i.com dude  
Game Title Dr. Stone Age
Play Count 4879
High Scoring: Yes
Folder: Y9 Strategy
Scores 1
Current rating 0/5