Earn 2 Die Game Review

Well today certainly is an odd day to write up a review for a Zombie Game cause today is Christmas, however as Im not in the mood to celebrate, I might as well write a Zombie Game Review.

zombinator - earn to die Everyone who has ever been frustrated with their job will agree to the phrase ‘Earn to Die’…but for a Zombie Game this just does not make sense.
The game is a very simple function of distance you achieve and zombies you terminate, which reward you points or game money which you can use to buy upgrades to make the zombie reverse holocaust more effective.

Having played about 13 runs I found the game to be very interesting at first but later to be getting a bit monotonic. You start out with a broken down Beetle look alike and keep running out of gas…however before you do, ensure to run over and smash every Zombie you come across that way you score more points…for both the zombies terminated and the distance covered…up until you run out of gas. The Game author seems to have forgotten the facts…when you run out of gas …you are stranded. However in this game miraculously, your car gets back to the workshop and ready for the next run ‘A new day ..new hope’….being the tagline. A New Day - New HopeIts a good time to say a good word about the game author

ToffeeGames..certainly he is established in his principles of faith ,hope and love…however ironically even after run 13…I kept getting the same hope…c’est la vie. The least would have been to have a ‘save gameplay’ so that we could kick off right from where we left off. After Day 13 and run 13 I was able to accumulate about 500$ US and upgrade my broken down beetle to an even more broken down van.

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Barney customized adventures

Barney an Adventure in customisation

Barney an Adventure in customization

If ever you through you could master the adventures of Barney you’re in for a surprise and Im not talking about the ‘I love you you love me geek’…im talking of the fast moving action adventure game Barney that allows for level customization and you can get to plays others custom level.

The game seems to start with one of those super mario gold adventure themes as you jump from pillar to post and eat all the gold coins , climbing rope and scaling ditches being careful to avoid the wild birds and bees that keep floating around. In this game you can jump on a scorpion to reduce its life span and earn points but dont mess with the bees. Jump and upset the pots to bring the fruits right out of them or go into a neat dungeon to unravel the mysteries of a secret treasure and wait till you scale your reward points to buy your own gun then it becomes a gun fighting game.



Whats interesting about the game is that it allows you to log on and customize the levels of adventures but im not seeking that cause im too lazy so Ill just play someone else adventure customization and feel happy. I did test out the customization and it appears your details do get stored on the jadeware server, which is quite different from the y9 server where its playing at.

Game controls are quite interesting you need to jump with the arrows and move left or right if you use the top arrow to jump on a vertical rope then naturally you are climbing it and if you use it to jump on a horizontal rope you are swing from one end across to the other . The objective of the game seems to collect maximum amount of gold in order to buy upgrades and weapons that will help you scale higher in your adventure.

Code Zombie Attack Sniper Review

code zombie2A sniper Zombie attack shootout that will have you craving for more is code Zombie. The game comes off a bit confusing at first when you see all the zombies attacking the town but in fact is super easy. Just pick your zombie that you want to shoot down, Zoom into range and shoot it down. Try anything else and you will be stuck. The game presents itself in a broken township being raided like a battlefield with many  ghosts from purgatory stalking like pestilence in the darkness. You even have a dog zombie eating human flesh on a car.

Now just keep calm and get ready for your  sniper mission briefings…which ironically doesnt show up caus the zombies got the general. Now, according to information in several illegal sources from secret military bases, certain biological experiments backfired giving rise to the spate of supernatural occurrences as the direct outcome  of  biological warfare experimentation’s.

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Joyride with Nimble Piggy

Nimble Piggy Joy Ride

Nimble Piggy Joy Ride y9

The nimble piggy which its quick marching music is gonna get you firing your cannons at the evil monsters. The game themed a bit on Jack and the bean stock is organised in quick successive levels that’s pretty easy to get through and quite impressive.

This time jack has a cannon, not exactly a cannon id call a cannon but its quite alright for the theme. The method of fire power is to take your mouse cursor away from the cannon before clicking it. The first few levels are quite straightforward as you have some skeletons attacking you and some casper clones and all you have to do is fire your cannon at them repeatedly. The next few levels get a bit intuitive, as the ghosts or monsters are not vulnerable to your firepower and irrespective of how many shells you exhaust theyre not getting hit.

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Armageddon Of IronCalypse Review



Ironcalypse is the futuristic story of man made inventions of robots that will save the world in the future Armageddon of meteorites. The game is a ten level game featuring combat and repair, by your little iron men …it is a scream cause you need to use obstacles to your advantage by jumping over them and getting past bigger obstacles. Sometime you will simply need to duck and skid your way under them. This is one awesome multi control hash-was-D game on y9.

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A small business simulation game sells kebabs

Business Simulation Game selling Kebabs

Business Simulation Game selling Kebabs

If you want to actually have a run of the mill profit simulation here on y9, for business simulation...mind you these models still reign in leading business schools, you should try  Kebab van... a game which allows you to take control of inventory and balance sheet as you churn out your favorite mixes of kebabs on y9 and attend to customer satisfaction while still adhering to csr....all bundled into 5 minutes of gaming...selling those juicy yum kebabs and increasing customer acquisition....blah blah, as per the customers requests.

The game has two practical control levels -  one is the inventory stock levels and two the kebab mix for maximizing profits. You end of day inventory in the food business is anyways wastage and cannot be carried over to the next day so you might want to watch your reorder levels during play especially at the end of the days a demand falls low....

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