final ninja saga with Takeshi

final ninja saga

final ninja saga

The final ninja saga is the tale of Takeshi and his escape for the underworld master Akuma, the game is a take on the 10th year of his escape and will have you playing Takeshi wanting to settle the old score once and for all.

The game is a stealth ninja action adventure with simple controls to get you swinging from the rooftops onto industrial vectors and exhaust plants. The arrow controls move Takeshi in the left and right direction and allows for a jump up. The bottom arrow in particular allows Takeshi to go into invisible mode when being attacked. This works only if Takeshi is not injured before the attack.

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Kickboxing Adventure with Karate Blazers

Update KB was replaced by KOF enjoy

A kickboxing adventure having you throw your favorite thrust kick the fumi komi yoko geri and the round hose kick aka mae wa ki geri, if you like kick boxing you’re gonna love karate blazers. In this game you can choose to be up to four character avatar types including Mark ‘The Nomadic Mercenary’ , Akira the passionate ninja, Glen the invincible wrestler, Gil the mysterious fighter who wants justice to win.

Kickboxing Street

Kickboxing Street

Game controls are very simple pressing ‘X’ will throw a round house kick and pressing ‘C’ will throw a full thrust jump kick. The buttons are next to each other on the keyboard making your gameplay very simple. Pressing ‘X’ multiple times will throw a slew of fighting techniques including hammer punches and side kicks. The controls to move your character are a simple #wasD or arrow buttons. Once you face objects like crates kick it and burst em , if you come across an object like a map or certificate press ‘X’ to pick it up.

Diving into level one with the avatar type Glen I faced the enemy hooligans hiding behind crates. I kicked the crates and moved my character to get it in line with the next crate using my down arrow key destroying the crates and exposing the thugs to a venomous fight. At this time I was being surrounded and used a quick slurry of round house kicks in both directions using my left and right arrow keys in combination with the ‘X’ key. You may find it wise to avoid the drop kicks as it takes a bit longer to execute and when you are surrounded it is always better to be quick with your defense on all sides.

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Ninja Cat in Neko Review

Martial Arts Neko

Martial Arts Neko

Gone are the days of the shaolin movies and the shogun, but hey if you witness a street fight and if its a good bare knuckles fight you will be enthused to try out Nekosaka, the martial arts game. Well in nekoska you go by a shogun cat  called Ko chan ..hmmm sounds chinese or korean quite far from the shorin ryu names. And Ko Chan knows kung fu …yeah ! Your top arrow will get him performing stunts- kung fu stunts (maybe his mom was chinese:)) pressing the top arrow twice will get him to perform one of those ‘ni hai how ma’ jumps and then immediately press the down arrow and he will come down with the force of thunder- like crouching tiger hidden bacon.

The controls are ridiculously simple to get this cat to perform all those 4th Dan moves, the left and right arrows are to move left and right and the ‘A’ button will get you performing quick fist hand movements (im really sorry if you’re left handed but yes the wasd is not here to help your movements but it could help your fight).

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Ninja Zombie Insanity with Manga preloaded Review

ZombInsanity Preview

ZombInsanity Preview

A good game launched this month is zombie insanity ( zombinsanity), a zombie  survivor series that has you playing a manga who has to thwart off  Zombies that are trying to kill him and destroy his space ship, making a pitch that’s sure to be thrilling with  high definition graphics pre-loaded processor giving an expanded and optimized online gaming experience.

The backdrop theme of the game is a space mission in 2079 that has gone bad bringing forth an animation sequence that you need to control through various levels  of this zombie entertainer. The first part of the game is when you awake from cryogenic sleep. Being a soldier and need to fight to defend your space ship from an eminent and continuous zombie attack where in your chances of survival are very low.

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Mass Mayhem 2

massmayhemchar1If you like to play the role of a one man army taking on all the scum of the world with a single guided missile and a kamikaze bomb then you can forget all those other games and try out Mass Mayhem 2. The game has a very Jason Statham crank type story line and allows you to pitch yourself single-handedly against  some of the worst extremists the world has ever seen, including the likes of the Kaida, skinheads, Nazis, biker gangs and thugs. It presents itself with very simple  moral objectives like blow three Mafioso with one missile and use the kamikaze to blow three kkk...etc

The game starts with a near dress up game which allows you to role model your perfect anti-hero hero and gives you a range of options including a cigar smoking square faced Cuban Pete , a non Jack Sparrow one eyed pirate look alike, a Fidel Castro bearded look alike and among others Santa clause, hope I phrased that right. You also have a variety of options to choose matching clothing for your recluse and you’re ready to go…press the thumbs up button to proceed.

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