The Farm Life

farm life

farm life

Oh how I love them farm fresh foods makes me always wonder what life would be like growing up in the farm.Then I came across Youda Farmer a game that simulates the process of the farmer taking you from sowing the seeds to reaping the rewards.

Technically the game is much more than simple produce and involves a lot more in terms of forecasting and inventory management…but lets leave that aside and have some fun. The game is designed in such a manner that every one is interdependent.

Sowing the seed


On one end of the map is your farm and the other end sports the wind turbines that harness the winds for clean energy that is used by you to pump water and irrigate your crops. The Map also sports the Mill, baker and the pub.

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A cute game making gifts and managing the gift making shop

believe-in-santa_v2Here is a cute toy making and decoration game where you take plain horses ,cars or dolly’s and have them colored and decorated while your customers await their respective orders. The game has you playing the owner of a toy shop and you have your customers walk in and request for toys of various colors and decorations. Sometimes they want the toys packed in a certain way or special Christmas decorations to go along. The game has special bonuses for happy customers as well.

At the center of the toy shop is a pretty merry go round that displays all the bare toys and this can be activated by pulling the lever with your mouse to change the display of toys . The game has a little impatient girl and a very patient gentleman who will walk in and request a certain toy with a specific color and with or without a special decoration. Let us say for example the girl walks in and asks for a doll in red.  You will find two helper elves seated at the end one with red color paint and a decoration kit and the other with blue color paint and a decoration kit.

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Farm Frenzy Game on Farming Review

aeroplaneHave you ever wondered what a day in the life of a farmer will be? Farm frenzy will put you right in the center of a farming life where in you make decisions on regular everyday farming and those will result in you owning your airplane to transport goods and a lot of wealth or you will just have to try your luck again. The game also has its hidden dangers of a bear running loose, let him run and he will destroy your farm. Be brave enough to catch him before he make you bankrupt. This game brings you all the essence of farming including its economics , its methodology and its logistics.

Level one of teh game will see you with ownership of one chicken a well and a warehouse. You will notice a lifeline under the chicken, if it starves its life line will depreciate and if it eats sufficiently its life line will stay stable and it will lay eggs. To feed the chicken you will need to click on the dry land and you will notice plants growing which will encourage chicken feed insects and the chicken will have its fill.

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Truck Loader Game Review

sheet2Every time I pass the harbor I see it bustling with activity as cranes and trucks pile heavy cargo day in and day out, either storing them  in ships or warehouses. If you have got sight of such a scene and are still in the mood of a game then you should try Truck Loader. A game where your objective is to get the crates out of the warehouse and onto the truck. The game actually gives you control over a small earthmover sometimes called an excavator , but this one is special it has a special horse shoe magnet at one end and you can activate it using your spacebar. When the magnet is activated it attracts and grips the crates so that they may be moved. The truck may be moved around with your arrow keys and its long arm may be moved with your mouse.

Every game has a puzzle ingrained and you will need to solve the puzzle without overturning your mover.The puzzles may involve activating lifts and automatic door opening using crates on the buttons that activate them. The game measures you against the total time you take to complete the objective and load the truck.

Jumping into the game levels one to three are very simplistic and appear to be more of tutorial rounds. The linchpin was actually level four where the arm of my mover got stuck between and automatic door and the lift turned the rest of it over. There was no way out of this mess so I had to blow up the truck and restart the level using the small refresh button on the left top control panel. The right top control panel indicates the time taken to complete the activity. In the next round I was aware of the traps and used the box on the ground level to activate a switch, loading the truck was simply a matter of pushing those boxes that were stacked into the truck and arranging them according to their markings using the strong long arm.

The puzzles of level five will have you bewildered and moving the arms of the mover will remind you of the snake charmers revenge. Something to note in this level is the ‘This way Up’  sign on the boxes , so if you stack em in the wrong direction you will not get anywhere. You will just have to remove and re-stack them facing up.



Fish Catchers A Game Review

andreaA sweet game of fish shooting …hmm wierd… something sounds fishy….not being able to get access to my mails I thought I’d take a break and look at a beautiful game that fits the theme…the fish catching game. The game stars Andrea, Jack and . t is a very nice simple happy game all you have to do is catch the fish bu springing a boxing glove using the spacebar on your computer.

catch the fishTo make the game even more interesting you are not supposed to catch the bomb fish without earning adequate protection points. The game works in count down mode and you have sixty seconds to catch a minimum of five fishes in round one. You can pick any avatar boy or girl and make them move around the gloves with your left and right arrow buttons.

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Penguin Olympic Diving Game Review

Mr.Penguin in Penguin DivingMr.Penguin in Penguin Diving

Mr.Penguin in Penguin Diving

Animal diving  is the cute little penguin game I’d like to review and walk you through today. The game is by far the simplest and most entertaining diving game featuring a penguin at the Olympics. Whats really interesting about the game is the panel of judges and their particular tastes for different diving skills. Once you do start up the game you take up the avatar of a penguin and will be guided by a three part walk through. The first part gives you the power meter to select the effort and energy you would like to put into the dive. The second meter is the angle meter with which you choose the angle for jumping. You can chose whether you like to forward dive or backward dive into the pool. The last part of the dive is the twirls and twists that you can easily use to impress the judges and their variety for tastes. Just ensure that you enter the water clean with the spacebar button. c’est fini et c’est simple.

You are free to join all the animals in the wild and win the gold medal in the ten meter acquatic dive! The nice fact is that in this game you will play Mr. Penguin representing the entire  penguin kingdom from ice age lol, and compete in the super semi-finals right here on y9 your favorite gaming site. Do not underestimate your opponents , they include Mr.Beaver, Ms.Frog, Ms. Seal, jacko the otter and kinglsey the kingfisher.

The objective of the game is to beat all five contestants and grab the trophy. This can be achieved  by performing the best dive and aquatic stunt performance. You have a total of five attempts and these are tallied as rounds. The game is further subdivided into groups C and groups D, where in the groups C is the tuck position and the group D is the free position.

Penguin forward Penguin Back

Penguin forward Penguin Back

The game begins with Mr. Penguin performing the board walk. he then chosses your choice, do you want to dive forward or take it up in the reverse position? Walking to the edge of the platform,  you may choose backward or forward as the jumping direction by clicking the respective dialog button. If you chose a direction and do not wish to proceed in that direction simply click the other icon.  Once you have decided, click  Dive. Mr. Penguin will face the selected direction and prepare to jump….

Beware you may not want to chose extreme height and angle directions of else Mr.Penguin may hit his head on the platform. On the other hand, if your height and angle are chosen well Mr. Penguin  will be able to perform special tricks in the air before hitting the water. To perform the special maneuvers of twists and turns you may press the up or down arrow key on the screen or on the keyboard to perform a flip, or hit the left or right arrow key for a twist.

One thing to be pointed out is the fact that once a  twisting direction is chosen, the other arrow key of the same movement will be disabled and cannot be pressed. This is because you may not perform the same movement in both directions during a flight, for example, when you have pressed the down arrow key to perform a forward flip, the up arrow key will turn to gray and you may not perform a backward flip.

Lol, you will also find that great deal of detail is present in the diving contest in that it is mimicked against actual diving events….for example you will find it impossible to perform both the flip and twist at the same time, So simply release the arrow keys that performs the flip to be able to perform the twist. When the penguin reaches 5m above the water, a blinking spacebar will show at the upper part of the screen hinting the entry. Press the spacebar on your keyboard so that the penguin will extend its arms forward and prepare for the entry.

If you’d like to reduce the splashing effect and impress more judges press the spacebar on your keyboard again upon entry.  Your splash is actually an indicator od the angle at which you enter the water , this has been determined by watching the best of the best in performance.  If the dive is not possible in reality you will see a sign, a message indicating ‘Impossible’.powerangle


There are a total of five judges who will score your dive in every round, they assign scores on a ten point scale basis dive and water entry. The scoring is followed by the elimination process and the remaining three contestants are summoned to be scored on a scale measuring how difficult the dive was. Try not to disappoint by scoring above seven at-least!