Tune Your Car & Rev your engine with Harry

Tune up your car with Harry

Tune up your car with Harry

When Nicole says ‘Some guy I met recommended you…’ I actually felt happy…until I learned that all she wanted was my skill…in boosting your car performance. Hello Im Harry and ill fix your car for good!

In this game you can either play Harry the Car Mechanic or one of three girls ‘Nicole’,Olivia Newton John’ or Chan lee the heir to the chans and lees society of kung fu; but then that would make it a multiplayer. Boost Up Your Car with Harry is a Car performance and tuning game in which you either have to get the car engine to a nitro racing cadre or a hatch back coaster for the long haul. Your tools are all carriaged in their respective lockers and all you have to do is apply some skill and go along with the british english (sarcasm) dialog box that guides you through every step of the game.

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Hell Cops Game Review

hellhit1One of the long standing games that have ranked for a few years now is Hell Cops, a game where you drive your buggy through the streets crashing into everything and everyone in your path. The only care you take is to ensure your buggy doesn’t turn one its head and crash.

Game play is quite simple as you exercise your controls to move your buggy forward using the top arrow key and backwards using the bottom arrow key. While you jump off something you can flip your buggy in the forward direction using the right arrow key , beware not to land turtle else your buggy will be destroyed. You can also flip backwards with the left arrow key. If you hit a dead end you can turn right around and drive by using your enter key.

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Comparison of 3 3D Racing Games

buggyracing13D Car racing Deluxe is an awesome and straight forward car racing game in which the game controls are a straightforward hash #wasd or arrow button controls. The top arrow being to accelerate and the bottom one to decelerate always an old timer. But now with the introduction of Super Car road trip last week things may see a change on the analytics front. I’m expecting the Super Car Road trip to do better because you can have a better control over the car simply because of the macro map view that it provides. Secondly the Super Car Road trip gives you a choice in circuits and upgrade able circuits as well.

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Forget Nascar- Here's SuperCar Road Trip

Super Car Racing

Super Car Racing

Is the Supercar Road Trip a #YAC (yet another car game) well not quite , at least in the online genres, most online car racing games suffer from a lack of co-ordination between cars controls , turbo and nitro and basically keeping it on the road….well not this one. The SuperCar Road trip is a perfection of a fast and furious stereotype along a forest path with a built in game time converter…so if you spend seven minuets driving that is accurately converted and simulated …t lets say an hour and thirty or so… What this implies is that the game mechanics and physics incorporated are so minute that the game is built to perfection….whats a car game without a savvy game engine.

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