Hell Cops Game Review

hellhit1One of the long standing games that have ranked for a few years now is Hell Cops, a game where you drive your buggy through the streets crashing into everything and everyone in your path. The only care you take is to ensure your buggy doesn’t turn one its head and crash.

Game play is quite simple as you exercise your controls to move your buggy forward using the top arrow key and backwards using the bottom arrow key. While you jump off something you can flip your buggy in the forward direction using the right arrow key , beware not to land turtle else your buggy will be destroyed. You can also flip backwards with the left arrow key. If you hit a dead end you can turn right around and drive by using your enter key.


Jumping into the first level you can speed your buggy through the crowds of folks who travel carelessly on the roads, when you hit a car or slope try to flip your buggy for additional reward points. Level one places you with a Hell Cops buggy and you drive like hell without freezing over. You need to watch out for the broken bridge at this level for this is full of traps and you just want to make it across. One cheat is to fall off the first hole of the bridge and make it on the dry road below, but you will have to balance out your buggy during the fall. Once you do get to the ground , it will be better that you pick up momentum so that you can jump forth across the van that’s parked and blocking your way, watch your balance here as a slightest mistake will send your buggy into flames. Once you do pass the donut bar you’re through with level one.

Level two places your buggy in a greener spot but you have a challenging cliff fall ahead and will need a lot of skill to balance your buggy during this cliff fall, just ensure you land on your steel radials and you’d be ok. After you pass the cliff you should watch out for the thirty six wheeler truck that carrying explosive methanol, you don’t want that to burst in your face as you stomp your way over the truck. Just after the chemical truck is a van , so you do not want to nose dive your buggy from the top of the truck and get stuck in between the truck and van. One cheat at this stage is to stop  momentarily while your buggy is placed over the chemical truck and gain a little momentum for take off, press the left arrow key to tilt your buggy upwards so that the steel radials are at a forty five degree angle when taking on the adjacent van…phew. Once you get out of that one you have the U cliff challenge coming up. You now already know how to get off the cliff, but you might want to back a bit thereafter to gain enough momentum to make it out of the U cliff trap, else you will be skate boarding from one end of the cliff to another in your buggy and this isnt a skateboard contest.

If you do get stuck in the U challenge take a little time out and lullaby your car up and down the U cliff while gazing at the beautiful sunset scenery in the backgrounds. Then after you have enjoyes the background sunset , speed your car to one side up the steep end of the cliff and while your buggy is in mid air press the enter button, you are now officially turning your buggy around like a skateboard, thereafter go back in the path you came in. You have only one chance per level to turn your buggy around so have fun with this feature.

Level four has your buggy at the bottom of the cliff and entering the mines, you will need a lot of skill and agility to get through this level as it keeps getting deeper and deeper into earth and taking your sunshine from your view. Il not expose any more spoilers but do enjoy the game as it takes you through the mysteries of each level.