Comparison of 3 3D Racing Games

buggyracing13D Car racing Deluxe is an awesome and straight forward car racing game in which the game controls are a straightforward hash #wasd or arrow button controls. The top arrow being to accelerate and the bottom one to decelerate always an old timer. But now with the introduction of Super Car road trip last week things may see a change on the analytics front. I’m expecting the Super Car Road trip to do better because you can have a better control over the car simply because of the macro map view that it provides. Secondly the Super Car Road trip gives you a choice in circuits and upgrade able circuits as well.


sheet1All said and done NASCAR racing is NASCAR racing and thats what 3D Car Racing is all about sets about a three dimensional space where getting control of your NASCAR is all about skill and going the whole hog. Further the 3D Super Car Road trip has this awesome speed gauge that gives you a feeling that you’re actually stepping on the gas. The end lap stats are more sophisticated providing you with your lap number, lap time and total time. It also provides a Best Lap time benchmark so that you can push your performance . Carbashing and overtaking is more realistic in the 3D Car Racing version but its backdrop of red is very 1980′s in effect. Further it is really difficult to steer while simultaneously hitting the pedal, maybe it needs better radials lol.

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