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Demolition City Game Review

demolition1Supposing you had one dynamite and had to bring down an entire building structure, with just one blast, where would you place the dynamite?

The game with a simplistic concept is a sure tease as you play the demolition engineer you has to demolish the entire structure with just one blast. Well if you want to play easy mode you can use all three dynamite sticks but if you really want to understand structural strength try it with just one dynamite stick, it will bring about an understanding of how the building rests about its pillars and what kind of shock exerts forces and the types of forces that will cause the structure to crush. Read More...

Impale Ragdoll Zombie Throw Game Review

sheet7Only if you have a taste for morbidness will you take a liking to Impale, the fifty level game of torturous cyclo-cannon shooting of rag doll zombies onto spikes, hooks and nooses. The game is jammed with morbidness right from the design of its torture spinner that seems to have been adopted straight from the models Spanish inquisition.

At each level there will be a set objective and you will try to reach them with them minimum number of shots. The control panel at the bottom displays the shots played in terms of the number of attempts and the level at which you are currently playing. Game play is quite simple, adjust the position of your cursor away from the cannon for higher thrust and closer to the cannon for lower thrust. The vertical axis of your cursor chooses the right angle of thrust. Go ahead try it its quite simple once you start playing with the positions of your mouse at which you click the screen. Read More...