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House Of Wolves

House Of Wolves

An interesting game launched last week is ‘House of Wolves’, a game of adventure, where in you have been ousted by Lord Vilereck and have no option but to run into the woods and make a survival game plan in the deep dark woods. This game is about vengeance, Lord Vilereck had acquired your kingdom and your princess, he wanted to finish you off….but you’re the wolf and you will do anything to survive and make a comeback attempt for the throne. This game, launched  by Louis Simon Mernard is one of action , adventure and dark fairy-tale, taking its cues from farmville the game sports a control panel that adds depth in terms of what you can do, your artillery and the ttd list to perform.

The story line of the game is that once you were ousted from the kingdom it took you two days to reach the western frontier where you find yourself covered in think woods. Now you have to establish your town and eventually your kingdom treading carefully at first so as not to move your settlements close to Lord Vilereck. Let other mercenaries handly him till you can get a foothold of your community.

In the survival mode of the game your objective is to last as long as possible as the wicked lord Vilereck vows to hunt you down. In this mode you will not only have to face the wrath of the enemy but also the dangers of the deep viscous forest like spiders and mystical rituals of the Shamans .


The game is feature packed with achievement level awards the most notable being Warlust at level four wherein a troop of five hundred are killed. This is done by building your town and community and taking them from strength to strength in order to fight the war of vengeance.The game awrds reward points and achievement levels for population increase and control of economics. The principle occupation seems to be woodcutting and gathering apart from hunting.

Game play is quite simple click on a settler to activate his performance. Drag the little green box made by your mouse around units to select them. Double click all units to perform similar actions in order to manage a single task by multiple units. If youd like to top up to a pre selection hold down your shift button and select the unit to be topped up. You can assign your troops numbers in order to manage them effectively, simply press the CNTRL button and any number key to assign your troops a number key. This will come in handy during battle to assign the right troops to take charge of the fortress and the right troops to launch the attack.

The game is available for play on y9 and you can get your copy of House of Wolves here.

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