Demolition City Game Review

demolition1Supposing you had one dynamite and had to bring down an entire building structure, with just one blast, where would you place the dynamite?

The game with a simplistic concept is a sure tease as you play the demolition engineer you has to demolish the entire structure with just one blast. Well if you want to play easy mode you can use all three dynamite sticks but if you really want to understand structural strength try it with just one dynamite stick, it will bring about an understanding of how the building rests about its pillars and what kind of shock exerts forces and the types of forces that will cause the structure to crush.

The game starts out at level one with a building of height sixty eight feet and a target demolition height of twenty eight feet. Try to take out this entire structure in just one blast. Place your dynamite stick along any of the concrete beams but you will not be allowed to place them on iron beams. Then you may press the blast button at the far bottom right and watch your building tumble. You will lose the round if you do not bring the building down to its target level, again I suggest you try levels one to three with just one stick that will get you all prepared for levels four and after.

Levels tow and three presents you with a varied structure of building heights of  sixty nine feet and ninety five respectively. Your objectives in these levels are to bring down the structure and crash them to below twenty eight feet and twenty nine feet respectively. In both levels you have three sticks but only one shot at it. It is important for you to notice the order in which the simulated blasts take place is the same as the order in which you placed the sticks. This makes visualizing the blast and the forces of cause and effect very interesting as you move the rubble through different sides in this coordinated explosion.

The game has an interesting girder at level four, recall you cant place the explosives on the girder. Placing the dynamite adjacent to the girder will only rip through the girder not causing as major a damage as a demolition requires of it, as the girder absorbs the shock of the blast. Truth be told as difficult as it may sound even level four can be played with the topple technology of trying to make the girder fall like a pack of cards. In this round the roof of the building holds an important clue to causing forces that will topple the central girder. The game becomes intense once you get around to understanding the forces at play and the timing of the blasts, I will not reveal any more spoilers and allow you to enjoy the rest of the game.