World War

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Distress and panic grips you as you find yourself in 1942 Austria mounted atop a Royal Enfield 432 cc classic. With nthing else but sheer guts you head out into the lowly world of war enter worl war on y9i. Join the Y9i Community.

Awesome 360degree AIrwarplane Game Strafe Review
World War Game

World War Game

Most world war games online are just that two dimensional pacman types, but not Strafe! If you want a real piece of mind boggling head thrilling piloting you must try Strafe for when you turn your flight through the enemy zone it is not plane you see turning but the whole imagery like if you actually sat in a pilot seat. The games objectives are quite simple destroy the enemy base camps, however these will set off enemy aircraft attack and you will need to be at your best performance in dog fighting and ground base camp bombing.

The game is the heroic and true story of Strafe combat forces that thwarted attacks from enemy lines in May 1940 the attacks were co-ordinated with other attacks on Lumembourg , France , Belgium and France. The German attack was to set about a precedent that will enable ground forces to invade and take control over the locations in Europe. Read More...