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Kill The Wabbits Review

killthewabbitsOne of the most unique games around is Kill The Wabbits, simply for its simplicity in game play and the self of relief it tends to provide in terms of taking your mind of stuff. If you’re part of animal welfare rights , this is certainly not one for you.

The game is a simple cannon ball adventure that provides you with a maze of wabbits that seem to be destroying your fields and you need to aim your cannon and fire in such a manner that you administer the right amount of power to kill maximum wabbits with a minimum number of cannon balls. The game is a scoring game and you will find it close to impossible to attain a decent rank on the global leader-boards and y9 scoreboards. At the time of this writing the Gold medal is held by Julia of the united states, the silver by Kim of Korea and the bronze by SongJim of best of luck with that.

Dinosaur Hunter Triceratops Game Review

pteranodonOne of the cutest games that have been released lately by limingXu is one that kids aged 5 will enjoy called Dinosaur Hunter, a game about collecting Dinosaur eggs in your four by four and driving back to the factory warehouse to have them sold. En route you encounter the Dinosaur, and you need to shoot them lest they take away one egg each. The game is designed with amazing game physic controls making it necessary for you to use your driving skills and better judgement in trying to keep the eggs afloat atop the truck on a very rocky road.

The eight level feature locked game, is based on a beautiful ancient island with an active volcano taking you back to the Triassic period. In the first part of the encounter, you meet up with Camarasaurus and they want their eggs back, you will need to shoot them down, because if they take their eggs you don’t make the level. In the second level you encounter Pteranodon- the flying dinosaur….you will need to be careful with these types as they’re the flying variety, and will hurl rocks at your four by four.Level 4 becomes really interesting as you will encounter Marginocephalia Triceratops…