Just a simple soccer game

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Game Author: Patlegoman

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Micro Soccer Football
Micro Soccer Football

Funny football game, Addictive sporting game, Have fun ! Click on icon to load game :3


Play with your Team to the most brutal football game Arrows keys to move Shift for shooting Click on icon to load game :3


An old school soccer game Click on icon to load game :3

Dungeon Tactics
Dungeon Tactics

A game based on Artificial Intelligence where your every move counts. Beware you need to find your way to the blue halos without getting caught by the zombies. Move slowly but surely for every move of yours is interpretted by several beast masters as to your ultimate direction;Fool Them or be foiled! And when youre about to dring from the blue halo ensure your escape path is set as they may trap you and you will be put to the sledge. Click on icon to load game :3

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Game Title Foutchebol
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