Snow Fairy Makeover

Damandi is the Snow Fairy and now the winter is almost over. She is slowly getting ready for the Snowflake skating party, the last winter party before the Spring. Help her look like a breath taking princess for the date with her beloved Snow Prince tonight.

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Game Author: Magicgirlgames

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Spring Fashion Dress up
Spring Fashion Dress up

<p>After a long and cold winter, springtime is finally here with its beautiful flowers and sunny days. This chic girl is so happy about that, she hates winter and cold days and spring is her favorite season. It feels so good for her to take long walks in beautiful spring days when the trees are full of flowers and all the nature comes back to life again. She also loves spring fashion very much, this year she bought some really cool clothes from the latest spring collections and she can't wait to wear them. Check out her new clothes and help her get dressed for a relaxing walk, make her try on some chick outfits and pick up for her the one you like best of all. Give her a new look with a cool hairstyle and pick up some accessories that best fit her clothes. Enjoy!<br /><strong>Instructions: </strong>Use the mouse to click on the clothes and accessories to dress up the girl. addless games.</p> Click on icon to load game :3

Sailor Girl Dress Up
Sailor Girl Dress Up

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Middle Ages Girl Dressup

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Geisha Dress Up

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