Flashteroids 3D

Flashteroids is a 3D Flash 9 shooter based on the Papervision engine. In the game your object is to destroy as many astroids and various other enemies for points. At the end of each level points can be used to purchase upgrades.

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Game Author: Artificialgames

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Bounce the angry circles through 19 action packed levels to destroy the terrain, release the particles and get the high score! Use the powerups to aid you in your destruction and the mouse to sweep the particles down to your paddle. Click on icon to load game :3

Countdown With Neil Haversham
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1 Programmer, 1 Artist, 8hours, surely nothing of any quality can be made in that time? Well there you would be wrong because Michael Cann (www.mikecann.co.uk) and Oliver Pitceathly (www.olip.co.uk) present to you "Countdown with Neil Haversham". Click on icon to load game :3


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