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Indiara And The Skull Of Gold Indiara And The Skull Of Gold
Indiara and the skull of gold is an exciting platformer wherein you play Indiara, she has to retrieve the golden skull and her menace is the huge rolling rock of the Aztec protection dark forces. Mouse key down for high and long jumps mouse key strokes for short jumps.
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This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Magic Stones Medallion ed Magic Stones Medallion ed
In magic stones you need to square off two and more stones to reach the level achievement. Level 1 requires only 2000 points and matching off larger sets gets you bonuses. From level 2 onward you are introduced to the Medallions which give you lots of experience points you can use these to level up. Apart from the xP's it also gives you 'fire Power'. The game is now divided into two halves and the drop downs are separate. You therefore have more power in your hand to square off like matches and unlock level 3 which gives you 'lightening Power'. Although level 2 unlocks fire power you do not have access to it until level 3. In this level you need to make three consecutive matches of the red runes to unlock fire power. In level 4 the game presents obstacles you will have to eliminate these by intuitively dropping them to the bottom of the board.
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Sorcerer Sorcerer
The Sorcerer is a puzzle game where you play the part of a sorcerer hurling magic portion at an oncoming spiral of balls. You need to prevent the balls from entering the black hole. The only way to do so is to shoot a ball against its color and explode the whole group. Simply aim for the matching color click your mouse or tap your phone screen to send a swirl and destroy the balls.
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This game is suitable for players of all ages.
My Olympus World My Olympus World
Can you build a magical world thats fit not just for a king but a goddess as well
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Zombie Return Zombie Return
Its that time when it was predicted that they'll strike ....the zombies are back....and theyre gonna strike if you're good to go...there’s no end to their mayhem!
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This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Bomb The Mountain Bomb The Mountain
You are Bpop the hopper and you are on a mountain with avalanches. You need to read your mission carefully and complete it quickly. For example 'hop on two mounds of sand' or collect two bibbles. The game is fast paced and you need to click layered blocks in order to hop. Some of the blocks on the mountain are dysnaite r electric fenced you need to avoid these. Hopping too slowly will get you trapped in an avalanche. As you hop onto new blocks and collect more stars you may be able to unlock your achievements. Clues are hidden in Sparky Boomer 2000, autobot and others.
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Robine Hood - Get the Gold Robine Hood - Get the Gold
The King is rich with chests of gold, his kingdom has the rich and poor. You are Robin Hood you need rob the kingdom to give to the poor. Use your skills and abilities to dodge the guards and steal the all the gold from the kingdom. Use your skill sets and varied tricks including 'invisibility mode' to get the gold. Each level has a new method and a new achievement you may need to jump onto the fireplace or jump down the loft. Playing the game on your ios/android is simple , use the keypad built into the game. Getting too the gold is as good as getting the gold you need not pocket it, but ensure you meet all the chests of gold before leaving the room.
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Desert Roll Desert Roll
This cool duck is really on a roll Help him collect coins and stay on his ball in this addicting mobile game. A quick paced game you need to tap to change the direction of the ball and that's all you need to control this ball from colliding into the walls. You need to somehow get the gold coins as well.
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Booya 2 Booya 2
Match up the animals in this cool puzzle game Lions tigers bearstheyre all here
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
YaBs Yet Another Bubble Shooter YaBs Yet Another Bubble Shooter
Just when you thought you saw it all, 'bubble hit' yet another bubble shooter makes its entrance with its dazzling balls and little cannon. Colorfully lit and 'easy touch play' this pleasant lullaby background bubble shoot game follows the min 3 rules aka, you need to match at least three with the same color. The colors are broad spectrum from purple white green and yellow with a fascinating boomX multiplier notification when you got a lot of balls. So whats the difference here? well in most bubble shooter games you tend to loose out at the end due to the fact that you're stuck with odd colored balls and they tend to close in on you. Well, in Bubble hit you have options to choose what color ball your little cannon will fire. The second difference is its application of Pythagoras theorems in how the balls are squared off...lots of rocket science here , and I really don't get the match combination , but if you do wish to score these take a walk-through with a really friendly help screen showing varied colored match offs. The game is enhanced with those pleasant sounding tinker bells that's really cool on Android and quite annoying on the ios, anyway that's only optional and you can differentiate in turning off the background music to turning on the tinker-bells.
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Twinkle Twinkle
Can you help these starcrossed lovers make their dreams come true
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Berry Jump Berry Jump
If you dont eat them berries you cant fly . Welcome to betrry jump a game where you find yourself flying in mid air hoping for a berry to come your way lest you loose momentum and fall down to earth. If you stretch your long tongue out and get a berry the partial additional impart of force gets your momentum gathered keeping you mid air a while longer till your next berry chum arrives.
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Olko Olko
Get ready to get your groove on with this enchanting puzzle game
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Fishy rush Fishy rush
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Rapid Miner Rapid Miner
A fast paced game where you have to mine the hidden treasure, along the route to the depths of the earth are hidden power up and energy levels that increase the time you have to get to your treasure, collect coins en-route which can be used to buy bombs , energy packs or sharper tools that will help you get to the treasure. Activating a bomb increases traction on your way downward. If you successfully complete a level you can use your point to upgrade your stock of bombs or buy new energy packs or more advanced equipment.
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Animal Heroes Animal Heroes
This game is played by interchanging any two characters such that at-least one match of 3 plus takes place. The characters you encounter are bunny rabbits , hares , puppies and koala..wait a moment there are giraffes and pussy cats as well. The in game instruction is a little misleading as this is not a swipe to match game it is an interchange to match game. More interestingly the game showcases bubble matches which if trapped in a successful set leads to bonus arrows being spread on neighboring animals. The game is not a time based game so you can take your time to read through all moves . But your moves are limited and you have to achieve level up scores with 12 moves for your first level.
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Paws to Beauty 3 Puppies  Kittens Html5 Paws to Beauty 3 Puppies Kittens Html5
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Snail Bob 2 HTML5 Snail Bob 2 HTML5
A dangerous forest stands behind Snail Bob and his grandpas birthday party Can he make it through
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Beauty Cat Salon Beauty Cat Salon
This game is suitable for players of all ages.
Dream Farms Dream Farms
Dream Farms is a simple game in which you draw a link to matching tiles in one and a half minutes. If you do complete the level you have 5 levels to plough through. The tiles are represent varies aspects of farm life minced with a few bonuses like the plus sign to gain additional time the redistribute sign to gain a shuffle just in case you're bored with the old flavors. Scoring includes bagging time bonuses and combo bonuses. Progressing through the levels you find the challenge brighter with more tiles. The thing about this game is its quite static , with no roll overs so when you're drawing one link you're mentally matching off the next three. This can get you in a fizzy if you don't watch the links you're drawing. Spade to spade and deep purple well to deep purple well , the game is quite relaxing in its choice of farm life...you have rabbits and puppies to variations in designs of tractors...you need to match the designs perfectly.
This game is suitable for players of all ages.

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