Monster Truck Maniac 2

The new crazy monster truck game

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Game Author: Sims5000

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Monster Truck Maniac
Monster Truck Maniac

Big Foot 4 and a crazy fun game about monster trucks.Choose your tuck colour and perform monstrous feats. Click on icon to load game :3

Truck Launch Maniac
Truck Launch Maniac

Upgrade your truck, then launch it and try to get all of the achievements! In this game, you start off with a slow truck with hexagon wheels, and try to launch it off a ramp. The further you get, the more points you get, which can be used to buy upgrades such and round wheels, a better ramp, or even fireworks and rockets for a boost. These upgrades will help you complete all 8 achievements, upon which you will unlock a super mystery prize. Click on icon to load game :3

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Game Title Monster Truck Maniac 2
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