Quest For Power

It is the year 867 A.D. and you play the part of a young boy called Arthur, who dreams of being King! Help Arthur create and command an army to defeat 7 kings and queens who rule the land! Travel across 14 unique levels. Use your powerful catapult to hurl boulders and magical potions at the enemies armies and defenses!

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Game Author: FlashGameMaker

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Quest For Power 2
Quest For Power 2

Help King Arthur defeat the evil kings and queens! Click on icon to load game :3


Help Chameleball destroy the evil coloured blocks by bouncing on them in the correct colour! Collect 2 types of power ups! speed up and multicolour! Watch out for colour changing blocks and ice blocks which need to be hit once to reveal their colour! Make same coloured blocks fall on each other for multiple points! Click on icon to load game :3

Last Command
Last Command

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Zombie Hell
Zombie Hell

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Christmas Crunch
Christmas Crunch

Its Christmas and its time to crunch some ornaments! click on 2 or more ornaments to crunch them. Destroying multiple ornaments gives big points! Destroy a set amount of ornaments to complete the level. Click on icon to load game :3

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2012-08-16 22:18:45 y9i dude 111218
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Game Title Quest For Power
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