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Mass Mayhem 2

massmayhemchar1If you like to play the role of a one man army taking on all the scum of the world with a single guided missile and a kamikaze bomb then you can forget all those other games and try out Mass Mayhem 2. The game has a very Jason Statham crank type story line and allows you to pitch yourself single-handedly against  some of the worst extremists the world has ever seen, including the likes of the Kaida, skinheads, Nazis, biker gangs and thugs. It presents itself with very simple  moral objectives like blow three Mafioso with one missile and use the kamikaze to blow three kkk...etc

The game starts with a near dress up game which allows you to role model your perfect anti-hero hero and gives you a range of options including a cigar smoking square faced Cuban Pete , a non Jack Sparrow one eyed pirate look alike, a Fidel Castro bearded look alike and among others Santa clause, hope I phrased that right. You also have a variety of options to choose matching clothing for your recluse and you’re ready to go…press the thumbs up button to proceed.


Tinman's Heart

Emo Girl Makeup

Jack Van Cell Stinger Sniper

DOLI Fluffy Birdies