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The Sorcerer - Super Addictive New Game Launch
Sorcerer - Super Addictive Game

Sorcerer – Super Addictive Game

A refreshingly new game to check out , that can also be played on mobiles is The Sorcerer a puzzle ball shooter. It has three levels allowing you to graduate from making slower decisions placing you on different paths through which colored balls float like beads on a necklace to make their way reaching the black hole.

Your objective is to shoot and match off balls by color. Now if you think that is oversimplified , consider this…you dont lose points for ‘universe shots’ aka balls floating away into the universe, but if you do match a ball to its wrong co-ordinate the balls increase in length only making the noose shorter. Now that give room for several game plays and the most notorious in terms of making higher Top Scores is ‘blind shooting’ .

BoxHead2Play Zombie Shootout Thriller - dated!
Zombie Shootout at Big Boxey

Zombie Shootout at Big Boxey

BoxHead2Play is still a favorite zombie shootout game simply beacuse of its speed in responsive controls and maneuverability.The game can be played in single mode or multiplayer and has you playing Bambo (missed out on bimbo) supposedly the boxhead version of rambo. Two other characters are Bert and Bon.

In the beginning, you have a choice of arenas and its best you step into ‘Big Boxy’ as its filled with new arms ammunition and life ups. Controlling the maneuvers of bambo is with your arrow keys and firing is the space bar …there are few other complex options as well but id suggest you enjoy the games at its easiest controls before making it more complex.


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